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Shalom Bhooshi

About Me

I’m an Engineer based out of Bratislava, Slovakia but I originally hail from England. I’ve lived here with my family for close to 10 years.

I get a thrill out of crafting cloud solutions — making them work right, well, cheap — in roughly that order!

My professional specializations are in

  • Cloud Engineering — AWS Well-Architected Cloud Solutions, Infrastructure-as-Code, SRE
  • Platform Engineering — Self-Service/DevEx Platforms, Bespoke Tooling & Automation
  • DevSecOps — CI/CD/CT, Continuous Delivery, Build & Release Engineering
  • Solutions Development — API Engineering, Python, Golang, Linux, Windows Core

I advocate for the effective use of DevOps, Agile and Design Thinking methods where customer needs are put at the core and therefore the technologies and delivery methods we employ, as shiny/clever/important as they may be, matter less than the customer outcomes.

I am a keen proponent of the software-defined-everything and evangelize code-centricity as an important underpinning of a DevOps organization – This makes me a software-engineer-of-sorts who gravitates to solving infrastructural challenges in code (but knows when to exercise a build-vs-buy option or trade an infrastructure option for bespoke code). As a corollary, I have a preference for utilizing tried/tested/”Boring Technology” to cultivate healthy -ilities that dependable systems should exhibit.

While I specialize in Cloud Engineering and Infrastructure DevOps, this would be incomplete without the complimentary activities that make for effective solutions engineering – I’m at home around customers, teamwork, culture, code, architecture, product backlogs, production incidents, etc.

I cherish walks the outdoors with my wife and daughter. I enjoy fitness sports and can often be spotted on a gravel bike around the gravel roads of neighbouring Burgenland in Austria or tackling the single-tracks of the Male Karpaty hills on a mountain bike. A solid Zone 4 workout is my idea of good hard fun. ٩(⁎❛ᴗ❛⁎)۶